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Anjali is an artist and an illustrator whose diverse practice draws on my everyday life and culture of both India and the UK. Through drawing, she recreates the patterns, scenes, and relationships foregrounded by connecting these two regions. She draws on the autobiographical topics to address the human emotions and experiences of modern life. She paints her emotions and experiences so most of her work is very personal.

She loves to celebrate the human psychology, the marks people make on the world. Finding inspiration in film and literature, she tends to focus on young adults in society.

“I want my audience to think and connect with my work through their own emotions and experiences and to finish the story that I have started.”

Her bold artworks are brought to life using the strong use of pigments and patterns exploring through various different materials. Using photography and films to gather imagery, she develops visual responses to what I see around me. Whether on paper or directly into the digital realm, my sketches alter the original perspectives, compositions, colors and characters to create new views on the world. She prefers the strong, flat, highly pigmented areas of color that both digital processes and paints, pen and pastels allow.

She has a BA in fashion & visual communication from NIFT and MA in Illustration from Arts University Bournemouth.